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  • Top Pak Current Affairs MCQs For NTS Exams

    Best Current Affairs Solved MCQs about Pakistan For NTS Exams. Download all PAKMCQs of NTS, PMS, and FPSC in PDF files. These are the latest current Affairs MCQs from past Papers of 2018, 2019, 2020 and upcoming tests.

    Pakistan Current Affairs Solved MCQs:

    1. Why now India can not use the atomic bomb against Pakistan?
    A. Because we have a hydrogen bomb
    B. Due to our missile program
    C. Due to the support of China
    D. Due to our submarine which can carry atomic missiles


    Due to our submarine which can carry atomic missiles (These submarines are the guarantee for second possible attack from Pakistan)

    2. How many teams will now participate in PSL 2020?
    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 6
    D. 7

    3. Which political party is not accepting the results of the 6th Pakistan population census 2017?
    A.PML N
    B. MQM Pakistan
    C. PPP
    D. PTI

    4. Paradise leaks have disclosed the o shore company of former Prime Minister of Pakistan __________?
    A. Nawaz Sharif
    B. Ch Shujaat Hussain
    C. Shaukat Aziz
    D. Raja Pervez Ashraf

    5. FATA is going to become the part of __________?
    A. KPK
    B. GB
    C. AJK
    D. FANA

    6. New GHQ is being built in ________?
    A. Rawalpindi
    B. Lahore
    C. Islamabad
    D. Abbottabad

    7. Hazara province movement continues in which province of Pakistan?
    A. Sindh
    B. Punjab
    C. KPK
    D. Balochistan

    8. Daughter of Sanam Bhutto has joined __________ profession?
    A. Legal
    B. Banking
    C. Teaching
    D. Modeling (Her name is Azadeh Hussain)

    Q9-CPEC has —– routes?
    A. 2 (Eastern & Western)
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 1

    10. Motorbike ambulance service has been launched in _________ province?
    A. KPK
    B. Punjab
    C. Sindh
    D. Balochistan

    11. Which coal power plant is considered to be the cause of smog?
    A. Thar Coal Power Plant
    B. Sahiwal Coal Power Plant
    C. Sui Coal Power Plant
    D. None of these

    12. Billion trees project is a brainchild of which party?
    A. PPP
    B. PML N
    C. ANP
    D. PTI

    13. Which channel of Pakistan has defeated Geo news in popularity?
    A. Bol
    B. Express
    C. Dunya
    D. QTV

    14. Which bank is going to be the first real interest-free Islamic bank in the near future?
    A. Bank Islami
    B. Akhuwat Bank
    C. Meezan Bank
    D. Burj Bank

    15. Which testing agency is involved in the MCAT paper leak scandal in Sindh?
    A. NTS
    B. PTS
    C. OTS
    D. ETEA

    16. Which institution in Pakistan is now controlling admission in private medical and dental colleges in Punjab?
    A. HEC
    B. PHEC
    C. NTS
    D. UHS

    17. Which terrorist organization is involved in recent killings in Balochistan?
    A. BLA
    B. ISIS
    C. TTP
    D. Afghan Taliban

    18. The third-largest mosque of the world is being constructed in which city of Pakistan.
    A. Lahore
    B. Islamabad
    C. Karachi
    D. Peshawar

    19. Big resources of Iron have been discovered in ————– city?
    A. Jhang
    B. Dera Ghazi Khan
    C. Chiniot
    D. Mardan

    20. How many matches of 2019 PSL will be played in Pakistan?
    A. 2
    B. 1
    C. 4
    D. 3

    21. Which country is trying to launch surgical strikes in Pakistan?

    22. Which new weapon of Pakistan is most dangerous for the Indian army?
    A. Atom Bomb
    B. Shaheen Missile
    C. Tactical Nuclear Weapons
    D. Hydrogen Bomb

    23. As par UNHCR which country is hosting the maximum number of refugees at present?
    A. Iran
    B. Turkey
    C. Pakistan
    D. Bangladesh

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    24. How many seats of the national assembly from Punjab have been reduced as per the population census 2017?
    A. 10
    B. 9
    C. 11
    D. 7

    25. Name the ex-army chief of Pakistan army who has been chosen as the first commander in chief of Islamic
    military alliance?
    A. General Pervez Musharraf
    B. General Kiyani
    C. General Raheel Sharif
    D. General Waheed Kakar

    26. Who has been appointed as new chairman NAB?
    A. Justice Dogar
    B. Justice Iftikhar
    C. Admiral Javed Iqbal
    D. Justice Javed Iqbal

    27. Name the relative of Quaid e Azam who died on 2 November 2017?
    A.Dina Wadia
    B. Nusli Wadia
    C. Neville Wadia
    D. Ahmad Ali Jinnah

    28. Jurisdiction of which high court has been extended to FATA?
    A. Lahore High Court
    B. Islamabad High Court
    B. Peshawar High Court
    D. Karachi High Court

    29. President of which bank of Pakistan has given a statement against Federal Minister Finance Ishaq Dar?
    A. SBP
    B. UBL
    C. NBP
    D. MCB

    30. Name the singer of Pakistan who has accepted the citizenship of India?
    A.Adnan Sami Khan
    B. Atif Aslam
    C. Ali Sulman
    D. Sajjad Ali

    31. GreenLine bus rapid transit line is being constructed in __________?
    A. Karachi
    B. Peshawar
    C. Quetta
    D. Islamabad

    32. Dolphin force has been introduced in which province?
    A. Sindh
    B. Punjab
    C. KPK
    D. Balochistan

    33. NLG in Pakistan is being imported from which country?
    A. Saudi Arabia
    B. UAE
    C. Qatar
    D. Iran

    34. _________ is facing foreign funding case in election commission?
    A. PML N
    B. PPP
    C. PTI
    D. ANP

    35. Where Quaid e Azam Solar Park has been constructed?
    A. DG Khan
    B. DI Khan
    C. Bahawalpur
    D. Sukkur

    36. Name the bank of Pakistan which has to stop its operation in the USA due to money laundering allegations.
    A. HBL
    B. NBP
    C. ABL
    D. SBP

    37. Former president of NBP Ali Raza is facing a case of 18 billion scams in ________ branch.
    A. USA
    B. Bangladesh
    C. UAE
    D. Sri Lanka

    38. USA Pakistan relations are in danger due to activities of _______ in Afghanistan.
    A. Haqqani Group
    B. TTP
    C. ISIS
    D. Taliban

    39. Pakistan is now producing crude oil_________ BPD.
    A. 1 Million
    B. 1 Trillion
    C. 100000
    D. 1 Billion

    40. Who is the current DG ISPR in 2020?
    A. Maj General Asif Ghafoor
    B. Major General Bilal Akbar
    C. Lt General Rizwan Akhtar
    D. Major General Shaukat Sultan

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    CSS Current Affairs (General knowledge) past paper 2019

  • CSS Past Papers of Computer Science PART – II


    (i) PART-II is to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
    (ii) Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from PART-II, selecting at least ONE question from each SECTION. All questions carry EQUAL marks.
    (iii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.


    Q.2. Explain ANY FOUR. (20)
    (i) Cache Memory
    (ii) Static & Dynamic RAM
    (iii) Instruction Cycle
    (iv) Buses & their types
    (v) Segment Registers
    (vi) Instruction Pipelining

    Q.3. (a) Describe briefly five state process lifecycle (6)
    (b) Explain multi level feedback queue scheduling algorithm. (6)
    (c) Describe briefly different communication channels (8)


    Q.4. (a) What are Virtual Functions? And how they can be utilized for polymorphism? Use C++ for writing example program. (10)
    (b) Explain with examples ANY TWO: (10)
    (i) Inheritance & Aggregation (ii) Data Hiding & Encapsulation
    (iii) Constructors & Destructors (iv) Class, Object and Abstraction

    Q.5. (a) Write and explain algorithm for Binary Search. (8)
    (b) Explain ANY TRHEE: (12)
    (i) Stack & Queue
    (ii) Tree & Graph
    (iii) Linked List & Array
    (iv) Algorithm & Program
    (v) Complexity of Algorithm

    Q.6. (a) Explain the terminologies of Process, Methods and Tools. (6)
    (b) What is Software Process Model? Explain Spiral Process Model. (14)


    Q.7. (a) What is a Database? Explain and differentiate the Relational Database Model from the other Database Models. (10)
    (b) Explain with example Entity Relationship Diagram. (10)

    Q.8. Explain ANY FOUR: (20)

    (i) Computer Graphics
    (ii) Pixel Art
    (iii) Vector Graphics
    (iv) Computer Animation
    (v) Rendering
    (vi) 2D & 3D Graphics

  • CSS Past Papers of Computer Science PART – I


    NOTE: (i) First attempt PART-I (MCQ) on separate Answer Sheet which shall be taken back after 30 minutes.
    (ii) Overwriting/cutting of the options/answers will not be given credit.

    PART – I (MCQ)

    Q.1. Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet. (20)

    (i) AX register is also known as:
    (a) Accumulator
    (b) Collector
    (c) Distributor
    (d) Counter
    (e) None of these

    (ii) In the Base + Offset addressing, Offset address is also known as:
    (a) Physical Address
    (b) Logical Address
    (c) Actual Address
    (d) Instruction Address
    (e) None of these

    (iii) The technique for allowing a unit to check the status of another independently function unit is known as?
    (a) Interrupt
    (b) System call
    (c) Polling
    (d) Trape
    (e) None of these

    (iv) The method for storing data temporarily such that the input-output of the same job is overlapped with its own processing, is known as:
    (a) Spooling
    (b) Contention
    (c) I/O wait
    (d) Buffering
    (e) None of these

    (v) The DMA that uses Busses when CPU is not using them is termed as:
    (a) Shared DMA
    (b) Cycle Stealing
    (c) Channel
    (d) Transparent DMA
    (e) None of these

    (vi) _________ Scheduler deals with the decision as to whether to admit another new job to the system.
    (a) High Level
    (b) Medium Level
    (c) Low Level
    (d) Short term
    (e) None of these

    (vii) When the process is in the states of Blocked Suspended or Ready Suspended, its relevant data is
    stored in:
    (a) Main Memory
    (b) Hard Disk
    (c) Magnetic Tape
    (d) Buffer
    (e) None of these

    (viii) Priority, P = (Time Waiting + Run Time) / Run Time is used to calculate priority in __________ scheduling algorithm:
    (a) Shortest Job First
    (b) Priority Scheduling
    (c) Longest Wait First
    (d) Highest Response Ratio Next
    (e) None of these

    (ix) HDLC Protocol stands for:
    (a) High-Level Data Link Control
    (b) High Level Development Protocol
    (c) Huge Level Data Link Control
    (d) High Development Level Control
    (e) None of these

    (x) _________ is the generic name for a set of standards issued by the International CommunicationsStandards Body CCITT, designed to support Message Handling Systems; i.e. Electronic Mail.
    (a) TCP/IP
    (b) ISDN
    (c) X.400
    (d) X.25
    (e) None of these

    (xi) ________ layer is responsible for the transfer of a packet of data along one link in the network. It organizes data into frames and detects errors in transmission.
    (a) Physical Layer
    (b) Data Link Layer
    (c) Network Layer
    (d) Transport Layer
    (e) None of these

    (xii) Encryption is the conversion of data in some intelligible format into an unintelligible format called _________ to prevent the data from being understood if read by an unauthorized party.
    (a) Clear Text
    (b) Encrypted Text
    (c) Cipher Text
    (d) Coded Text
    (e) None of these

    (xiii) Binary search requires about ______ comparisons with an initial list of 1,000,000 elements.
    (a) 10
    (b) 20
    (c) 35
    (d) 100
    (e) None of these

    (xiv) A _________ header list is a header list where the last node contains the null pointer.
    (a) Grounded
    (b) Circular
    (c) One way
    (d) Rooted
    (e) None of these

    (xv) ________ are small applications that are accessed on an internet server, transported over the internet, automatically installed and run as part of a web document.
    (a) Applets
    (b) Java Bean
    (c) Sockets
    (d) Java Component
    (e) None of these

    (xvi) AWT stands for:
    (a) Abstract Window Technique
    (b) Abstract Window Toolkit
    (c) Actual Window Technique
    (d) Added Window Toolkit
    (e) None of these

    (xvii) GIF images can have only upto _______ colors.
    (a) 128
    (b) 256
    (c) 512
    (d) 1024
    (e) None of these

    (xviii) ________ is stored on a client and contains state information of the website visited.
    (a) Cookies
    (b) Servelet
    (c) History
    (d) Resident Page
    (e) None of these

    (xix) In software Engineering KPA denotes.
    (a) Key Process Audit
    (b) Key Process Area
    (c) Key Process Analysis
    (d) Key Problem Area
    (e) None of these

    (xx) The ________ Process Model defines a series of events that will trigger transitions from state to state for each of software engineering activities.
    (a) Spiral
    (b) Operational
    (c) RAD
    (d) Concurrent Development
    (e) None of these

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