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  • Solved Paper of Assistant Director Ministry of Defense:

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    1. FATA KP merger realized in which month and year?
    Answer: 28 May 2018

    2. Eighteen (18TH) Amendment is related to?
    Answer: Power of President to dissolve National Assembly under Article 58(2)(b) was diminished.

    3. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the 1971 war?
    Answer: Mr. Noor-ul-Amin

    4. Who is the Chairman of the Kashmir Committee?
    Answer: Syed Fakhar Imam

    5. Who was the National Security Advisory during the previous PML(N) Government?
    Answer: Lt. Gen(R) Naseer Janjua

    6. Who used Cricket Diplomacy?
    Answer: Gen Zia ul Haq

    7. Who said, “we will fight a thousand years for Kashmir”?
    Answer: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

    8. Article 370 in the Indian Constitution is related to?
    Answer: Kashmir (In the paper there was also an option “Kashmir and Ladak” (I am not sure about this option whether Ladakh is part of Article 370 or not)

    9. When did the Congress accept the Muslim demand for Separate Electorates for the first time?
    Answer: December 1916 by Area? District Chaghi

    10. “Pakistan, A Hard Country” is written by?
    Answer: Anatol Lieven

    11. Indus Water Treaty was signed in?
    Answer: The Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) was signed in Karachi on September 19, 1960, by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and then President of Pakistan Ayub Khan.

    12. The idea of Separate Homeland was first adopted in?
    Answer: 1940 (Not Sure)

    13. Which Indian Leader suggested the separate Muslim State long before the Muslim League?
    Answer: Sir Muhammad Iqbal

    14. US Constitution adopted in which year?
    Answer: 1787

    15. No. of US Electoral College?
    Answer: 538

    16. Vietnam War ended in which year? April 30, 1975, 44. Word “Jurisprudence” is derived from which word?
    Answer: The word.

    17. Three Countries that expressed concern over the occupation of Kashmir?
    Answer: Malaysia, Turkey, and China

    18. Next G-20 summit will be held in?
    Answer: Saudi Arabia

    19. Amazon Forest Type?
    Answer: Tropical Rainforest

    21. Which Companion of The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H is mentioned in The Holy Quran?
    Answer: Zayd bin Harith

    22. For how many years Hazrat Haleema took care of The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H?
    Answer: Six (6) Years

    23. Takht-i-Bahi belongs to which civilization?
    Answer: Gandhara Civilization

    24. Synonym for Fend?
    Answer: Meaning is To assume responsibility & defend oneself from a blow. List of Synonyms for Fend: bulwark, cover, defend, fence, forfend, guard, keep, protect, safeguard, screen, secure, shield, ward. Words Related to fend. avert, prevent. oppose, resist, withstand.

    25. In the seven-layer OSI model of computer networking, the fifth layer is?
    Answer: The session layer

    26. What is Kinetic Military Action?
    Answer: Kinetic military action is a euphemism for military action involving active warfare, including lethal force. The phrase is used to contrast between conventional military force and “soft” force, including diplomacy, sanctions, and cyber warfare. rate of inflation is an inverse relationship to each other is? Phillips curve (The Phillips curve is an economic concept developed by A. W. Phillips stating that inflation and unemployment have a stable and inverse relationship.)

    27. Low rate of interest and high saving is a condition of?
    Answer: Liquidity Trap (A liquidity trap is a situation in which interest rates are low and savings rates are high, rendering monetary policy ineffective.)

    28. Having one job and moving to others or having no job and searching one, expresses?
    Answer: Frictional Unemployment 29. Moving of highly skilled people from a country, called? Brain Drain.



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